Simple, fast and powerful multi-player digital signage CMS

One unified platform to centrally manage content across a network of multi-manufacturer players.



Your top performing global content manager!

With WallSign it’s never been easier to manage your global network of screens and players from one simple interface. It’s a multi-channel cloud or on-premise content management system for digital signage that allows you to customise, deploy, schedule and monitor content across a large network of digital displays.

WallSign is an easy-to-use platform that puts your team in control of all your screens across your network

Manage any size network from any device

Immediate access wherever you are. From any Internet-connected device you can now manage thousands of different digital signage platforms from the one dashboard. Even more, WallSign is the first content management system to enable the import of dynamic content from social media – such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – as well as images, video, RSS feeds, live news, and calendars to name a few.

No one is left out: multi-player brands are welcome!

WallSign supports a wide range of digital signage player brands, meaning that large, heterogeneous, multi-manufacturer networks can be integrated into a single solution via a simple and unified cloud-based interface. BrightSign and Net Display Systems PADS4 platforms are also supported.

The Product

The power of simplicity at your fingertips

Designed to be easy to use by non-technical staff, managing your content in a few simple clicks is a breeze!

Manage thousands of channels

from any device such as a PC, tablet or smartphone without the need for locally installed software.

In just a few clicks

you can import dynamic content from any social media, images, video, RSS and ATOM feeds, calendars and more.

The interface is so simple

and intuitive that you don’t need to undertake any specific training or have any technical understanding.


What more could you ask for?

Managing your global network of screens and players from one standard interface, no matter the device manufacturer, will not only alleviate the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis but will also save you so much time and resources.

Role-based user management

Playlist management

Social & Web-based Content

Content Tagging & Scheduling

Monitor & Log

Highly scalable

A whole new experience

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